Monday, 8 March 2021

Devonport Tower (3)

 The small "mast",  seen in yesterday's post, is in fact, a 40 metre "sculpture", erected in 1998 to commemorate the former site of the Admiralty's (semaphore) signalling station, at Mount Wise.

The map shows the 30 or so Semaphore Stations that linked the fleet in Plymouth with their lordships at the Admiralty in London.

This is the view forward from the Semaphore Station and there is an equally all embracing view looking back up the River Tamar toward the Dockyard, so communicating with ships entering, leaving or lying at anchor in the Hamoaze, as this stretch of the river is called, was quite efficient by semaphore.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Devonport Tower (2)

 looking towards Plymouth Sound from the circular viewing platform at the top of the tower.

On the right hand side of the picture, the River Tamar flows out into The Sound.

The River Plym flows into The Sound from the other side.

When you sail out of the Sound turn to Starboard (right) for the Atlantic Ocean, and Port (left) to sail along the English Channel, through the narrows between England and France, at Dover, and on up into the North Sea. If you sail straight out and keep going South for about 95 miles,you will reach the beautiful Breton town of Roscoff. 

You may notice on the near bank of the Tamar  a tall, slender mast on a green hill, come back tomorrow and take a closer look.

Friday, 5 March 2021

The Devonport Tower (1)


The Tower was designed by John Foulston as part of the development of the town of Devonport, then a  separate town from its neighbour Plymouth, and completed in 1824. It has come through some very difficult times, for example the Blitz of Plymouth in World war 2. But it is still there, along with the other two buildings in the picture, and thanks to a grant from the Heritage Fund , of the National Lottery, it was refurbished and is open to anyone who wants to climb the 137 steps up the inside of the tower to the observation platform at the top.

Climb the steps tomorrow and look out to sea.

A disastrous year for one of Cornwall's major crops.

 "Fields of flowers worth hundreds of thousands of pounds have been left to rot.

Varfell Farms is the world’s largest daffodil grower, producing half a billion stems each year at Longrock, Penzance. (not the one shown here)

The farm needs roughly 700 pickers but says the Covid pandemic and the end of free movement following Brexit means only 400 flower pickers are available to pick the daffodils. Many smaller growers are affected in the same way. "

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

The permanence of a tattoo can often be a problem.

 Especially when a promise of undying love doesn't last as long as the tattoo which proclaims it.

Thankfully this Tattoo Studio has the answer - Tattoo Removal.

One man and his dog

 went for a winter walk along the Waterfront

Monday, 1 March 2021

A lonely Contrail


"New research shows that condensation trails from aircraft exhaust are playing a significant role in global warming. Experts are concerned that efforts to change aviation engine design to reduce CO2 emissions could actually create more contrails and raise daily temperatures even more."

How Airplane Contrails Are Helping Make the Planet Warmer

Sunday, 28 February 2021

The Tank Farm

 This Tank Farm is not in Plymouth, it is further along the south coast near Southampton,

but what caught my eye was the single line of wind turbines at the rear,

I doubt they will do much to mitigate the global warming potential of the contents of the tanks. 

You will need to enlarge the image to see them.

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