Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Battle of the Somme.1916

Yesterday (1st July) was the Centenary of the first and bloodiest day of the Battle of the Somme.
The Allies bombarded the German trenches for seven days and then sent 100,000 men over the top to attack the German lines.The day was an utter disaster for the British.

The Germans had weathered the artillery barrage in deep trenches and came up fighting. 
As the British advanced, they were mown down by machine gun fire and 19,240 men were killed.
It was, and remains, the bloodiest day in the history of the British Army.


All round the country Acts of Remembrance took place.
This group of young men, the same age as many who were killed that day and wearing uniforms of the time, marched silently along the Waterfront. The leader handed a simple card bearing the name of a man from the local regiment who died that day, to bystanders as they passed.


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